Our team of qualified professionals and industrial engineers control all preproduction activities. Test runs of production are made to
ensure dimension stability of fabric and product performance in bulk production. Samad Apparel is equipped with state of the
art Gerber Garment Technology to maximize fabric utilization.


Samad Apparel operates with highly skilled workers and stringent quality control methods. Using latest sewing techniques and modern machines,
we maintain our highest level of productivity. Through implementation of activities such as Time & Motion Study, Method study,
Sample Activity etc., we eliminate unnecessary activities to minimize handling of products by operators and reduce throughput time.


Fashion in today's world is incomplete without DENIM... and DENIM is incomplete without great finishes.
We take pride in being equipped to handle all sorts of washing finishes right from rinse wash to real vintage washes.
Our highly experienced washing team is capable to handle all sort of special treatments. We believe in constant improvement,
hence we periodically arrange training sessions for our management team both locally and internationally to polish their skills.


Upon reaching our finishing and packing facility,
each garment is inspected for quality and accuracy before being forwarded for packaging.
Packing is carried out while strictly adhering to all client requirements and exact specifications.