Sustainability Preamble

The need to exhibit green practices has been made crucial by changing times to be smarter and more economically green is vitally important now more than ever.

We respect the environment and are fully aware of our responsibilities for its protection. We proudly recycle 60% of our water through various filtration methods and our latest ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) to achieve the desired water quality.


We at Samad Apparel are fully conscious of our social corporate responsibility and we believe that corporate success and social welfare go hand-in-hand.

Serving The community

At Samad Apparel we maintain an environment conducive to the skill-enhancement of our human resources. We consider it obligatory to give back to the community and do so through philanthropy.

Samad Apparel has a major contribution to community development in form of monthly rations, health benefits, regular basis educational and financial support to not only the company workers but also the deserving families around the society.

On-Site COVID-19 vaccination drive arranged for our employees to ensure 100% vaccination.
To remain alive customs of our late founder Mr. Abdul Samad, , Samad Group provide monthly ration to all employees irrespective of their designation
In recognition of our social initiatives, The President of Pakistan Mr. Arif Alvi, presented award to our Director.
It’s time to give back to our planet & community, Samad Group initiated Green drive and planted hundreds of plants on-site and off-site as well.
Worked with global recognized NGO’s WWF & GIZ, to reduce impact of garments

In Future

  • Reduce Water Consumption by featuring water-efficient Washing Machines. (2 % Reduction by 2022) 
  • Renewable Energy generation for ETP operations. (Shifting Non-Renewable to Renewable Energy by end of 2024 )
  • Air Emissions reduction by installing state of the art air emissions controlling equipment. (2022) 
  • Usage of green chemicals in Garment Washing Process for green production. 
  • Plantation Drive. (Samad Group will plant 2000 trees/plants by the end of 2023)
  • We have implemented color bin waste segregation system and we are hopeful to reduce waste generation by 25% by 2023.
  •  Samad Apparel is currently working on initiating green energy sources for greener future. By the end of 2025, the company will be running its operations on solar energy.